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ASKON BETA STRUCTURE COMPONENTS INDUSTRY and TRADE LTD.COMPANY continues their activities in Turkish structure sector for approximately 17 years. During this time,not only in the Agean Region,but also we have signed a lot of important structures in almost every part of Turkey.

ASKON BETA’s product range is which is very large creaters Rock Wool Suspended Ceiling, Metal Suspended Ceiling and PVC Tension Suspended Ceiling System, Modular Panel Wall Systems, Floor Coating System with plasterplate system.In addition, Marks which have international celebrity are presented to your fancy.

Our structure market sells and applies the products of ARMSTRONG, AMF, OWA and INTER which are the biggest companies in the world about Rock Wool Suspended Ceiling. Also, it sells and  applies as a expert seller metal suspended ceiling plaques and carrying systems which are produced by TACER in Ankara Metal Suspended Ceiling Production Institutions about Metal Suspended Ceiling systems. We provide the quality which only one of the few metal producers of the world can reach by the advantage of to be local. Ice Ceiling is an another range of our applications of suspended ceiling about PVC Stretcher Ceiling. Additionally, at modular division wall systems, Trimline 70, Trimline 100, Trimline Snap and Strahle which are produced by TRIMLINE are used as a choice in our range of product. Our floor market presents wide product and color options of the quality of GERFLOR which is imported from France. Again laminate parquet floorings in our range of product have a variety in order to answer all sorts of requirements. Special and prestigious places are created with diamond carpet. Furthermore, an esthetic and functional using place is created with Increased Flooring Systems. Also, technical and esthetic expectations of customer is accomplished. The selling and applications of our all products which are signified above is realized by expert personals.

You can detaily find informations about all products in our file. And also if you contact us in order to take information, our experts will visit you.